Feed Control

Feed Control

Don't let an algorithm curate your feed.

Gain control over your digital content with Feed Control. Create customized RSS feeds by scraping your favorite websites or combining existing RSS flows. Streamline what matters to you, effortlessly and privately.

Monitor feeds and web pages

Generate RSS feeds from web pages or monitor existing feeds.

Generate custom feeds

Keep or exclude items that contain specific words, phrases or URL segments. Produce custom RSS or JSON feeds to integrate with your existing systems (contact us if you need help).

Receive alerts

Get email alerts, Slack, or Discord notifications whenever new items are detected. Email summaries can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

Receive webhooks for each new item with the content in the original HTML; a stripped-down, sanitized version; and plain text.

Expand partial feeds

Transform truncated feeds into full-text feeds by having the article content pulled in for each item. Enable RSS or JSON output to consume the results in your own applications.

Integrate with your app

Enable RSS or JSON generation for further integrations via Zapier, IFTTT and similar services.

For help with content migration, content syndication, or custom feed creation, please get in touch.